Moritz B. Koelsch
Moritz was born in Berlin in 1984, grew up in the Bavarian city of Munich and was schooled at the Swiss Boarding School ‘Institut auf dem Rosenberg’. He has had the privilege of having a close brush with Arabian and Russian culture and has nurtured his relationship with his foreign friends right until today. After graduating from the European University in Munich in 2007, he donned the role of ‘founder’ for several online companies. Though he could have taken any high profile job, he chose to make a mark on his own. Back in 2014, he and his business partner sold their location based service provider company to Demekon Entertainment AG. Since then he has followed his passion for Russian and Arabic culture, leading our fantastic team and providing adventure seekers from Russia and the Arabic speaking countries with the best advice for their luxury visits to cities across German speaking countries.


Ricardo E.
Web Developer & Marketing
Egli was passionate about art from his early childhood and could often be seen scribbling design plans in his notebook by his teachers. There was rarely any form of art, which he didn’t try out in his youth. Hence, it came as no surprise when he opted for the elective in graphic design while in high school and consequently began developing websites for himself as a sport. Having graduated from the University of Zurich in 2010, he entered the professional field as a web designer. However, Ricardo gradually discovered his love for web developing and there was no looking back. He now works to realize his fate by driving himself nuts enthusiastically pushing the web standards and acting as an advocate for the clean code. He does know how to have a good time occasionally. You would find him biking, playing music or hitting the glamorous Zurich nightclubs after hours.


Bilal H.
Free Writer
Bilal has been a free writer and journalist since 2009 when he graduated from the University of Vienna. His love story can put even celluloid to shame as he moved to Zurich because of his beloved wife. His roots hail from Dubai where he also works as a free writer for the Khaleej Times, one of the most celebrated newspapers of Dubai. His newspaper colleagues can’t stop gushing about his creative imagination and sharp wit. He has been a proud addition to our stream and always manages to take us off guard with his brilliant ideas for our future. His close contact with the Arabic culture gives our endeavors a unique touch. An avid reader, he spends almost all his salary buying books can often been seen incorporating his vast knowledge and experience into his written works. All acquaintances of Bilal are surprised when they discover his love for hiking on the Swiss Alps or riding his bike.

Dimitri B.
Free Writer
Dimitri doesn’t remember a time in his life when he did not write. His earliest memories trace back to the time when he learnt how to hold a pencil. The telepathic understanding of language and the system of words didn’t only enable him to win every scrabble game at a family gathering but also led him to a career in journalism and writing. Dimitri’s literary prowess graced the digital world after he graduated college and was given a chance to write columns for local newspapers in Switzerland. As a native Russian with a flair for elocution and articulation, Dimitri was the natural choice for becoming a member of our illustrious team. Though he is often found peeking from behind his computer screen, he is also quite athletic. Amongst his plethora of passions, some of them include running and enjoying the nature outdoors with his family of a beautiful wife and two sons.

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