Implant Center “Die Basis” Munich

Welcome to the very unique dental Implant Center "Die Basis" in Munich-Harlaching. One that is decidedly different from the traditional dental office in many ways. The design of the Center was planned to make you feel relaxed and right at home. Cleanliness and sterilization are unsurpassed, as is the personal, highly individual care every patient receives.

Treatment plans are tailored to each patient’s needs, taking into consideration their age, personal objectives and overall health. Patients at Dental Implant Center play a key role in determining their treatment course. Considerable time is spent explaining how the treatment is performed and addressing all questions and concerns.

The team at Dental Implant Center “Die Basis” is committed to excellence. In a practice such as this one, no compromises will be made in the care one receives. We work closely with your general dentist to accomplish your dental goals. By working as a team with you and your general dentist, we can promise you our best. A best that we are proud of!

What we can do for you.

We always called into action if your dentist wishes surgical assistance for the future success of treatment. Many smart dentists refer their patients to us for these operations even though having surgical competencies themselves. The advantages are perfectly clear:
On the one hand you still got to the dentist you trust, on the other hand, you will profit from the experience of a specialist who exclusively is focused on surgical operations – over 10.000 implants placed over the last years.
So we are no experts for caries, caps and other esthetical procedures regarding teeth, but we can offer the following services:

– Implantology
– Periodontology
– Wisdom teeth
– Root end surgery

Especially complex operations we like to plan together with you and your dentist – for that reason we are also happy to come to your family practice.

Surprisingly pleasant for a dentist practice.

We know that most people feel more comfortable anywhere else than in a dentist practice. Hence nearly nothing in our practice will remind you of where you are right now. Take a seat in our lounge – if you like, with a delicious coffee – and look around calmly. However, you won’t have much time for this: Thanks to clever practice management there is hardly any waiting time in our practice.

Your doctor introduces himself:

You realized it correctly. Alpar Barta isn’t a typical German name: Hungarian by birth, he came to Germany across Swiss with his parents in the late 1980s. There he attended the Hungarian European Gymnasium. A great opportunity to keep the family roots and grow into the new home country.

After his Abitur, Alpar Barta decided to study dentistry, which he passed in Regensburg. Then the move towards Passau followed, where he gained first practical experience as an assistant dentist. It quickly became clear: General dental care wasn’t his calling, he wanted to go deeper into implant surgery!

Laszlo Csato, with whom he shared a deep friendship since the time of the Abitur, became the owner of the Implant Center Alztal. He knew his friend’s abilities and offered him an assistantship. Thus he could deepen his surgical knowledge and quickly out of the assistant dentist became a permanent dentist.

After years of successful collaboration, the next step followed in 2012: The common opening of an additional practice, the Implant Center Harlaching. Although common owner, each of them leads his own practice now: Laszlo Csato in Garching an der Alz, Alpar Barta in Munich.

Natural and sustainable

Implantology is our supreme discipline: Here we have the most experience, the biggest know-how and specifically developed methods to take care as gentle as sustainable, that after your tooth loss you can rely again 100 % on your occlusal force – and your smile.

We count on a cooperative concept, in which your family dentist, the dental technician and we as your surgeons ensure together, that you get the best treatment for your individual situation.


Not always a tooth can be retained. If tooth-preserving measures as the root end surgery are not successful and tooth needs to be extracted, the question is always: What to do with the resultant gap?

Why an implant it to be preferred to a bridge or other methods, your dentist will certainly explain to you. The implant forms the root of the new, artificial tooth – or even a complete prosthesis. For this one or more metal pins are placed into the jaw, which after complete healing (between six weeks and four months) have a similar good stability as a real tooth root.

For the implants, we work together with leading manufacturers of implants. We use preferably implants out of titanium. But by request also white implants out of zircon (ceramic). These materials are not only extremely durable and strong, they are also biocompatible, which means particularly well tolerated by the human body.

The implants are inserted under local anesthesia or twilight sleep. Which of the two form of anesthesia is best for you, we are happy to discuss with you personally.


A healthy and substantive jawbone is essential for successful implantation. If the bone has already receded or if the bone material is too weak, new bone tissue must first be grafted in place.

We use only bone from the patient’s own body (autograft). The advantages are obvious: tissue from the patient’s own body is generally better tolerated than artificial tissue. This can shorten the healing time and minimise the risk of complications.

In autografting, bone tissue is first taken from another site of the jaw, usually from the region around the lower wisdom teeth. It is then implanted at the site in the jaw where the future implant will be situated. The transplanted bone tissue grows and at the same time stimulates surrounding tissue to grow. As a result, the jawbone at the site becomes thicker again, providing a sufficiently strong basis for the implant.

In twilight sleep through the surgery.

The analgosedation, also called twilight sleep, is a particularly gentle form of anesthesia. There are two reasons for twilight sleep treatment:

If the operation requires an anesthesia, analgosedation is a gentle alternative to a general anesthetic. Under this method you breathe on your own during anesthesia, respiration with breathing tubes and masks, as in general anesthetic, isn’t necessary. Besides this form of anesthesia is tolerated considerably better.

Also for anxious patients and patients who simply don’t want to notice anything of their treatment, we offer the voluntary analgosedation. Thus you can literally oversleep your treatment because you are in a relaxed, anxiety-free twilight sleep.

As desired treatment, the analgosedation represents a private medical treatment. Therefore it isn’t covered by the health insurance.

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