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„Modern dentistry“ is their vocation and philosophy. In the Munich-based dental surgery, they combine traditional treatment methods with the latest technology to offer you the best possible therapy and the most pleasant experience.

Practice Dr. Butz & Partner in Fünf Höfe – Modern dentistry in Munich

Centrally in the heart of Munich, in Fünf Höfe, the team at the practice Dr. Butz and Partner offers you the whole spectrum of the modern dentistry in their new spacious practice rooms. “Modern dentistry” is the vocation and philosophy of the practice. They combine traditional treatment methods with the latest technology, offering you the best and most pleasant treatment possible. Their longtime expertise and cooperation with renowned specialists also guarantee high quality in treatment.

They use the most modern computer technology in their practice and highly innovative techniques such as laser treatment. With their own highly specialized digital dental laboratory, they can produce all kind of dental prostheses themselves quickly, of course only with tested, high-quality materials. And thanks to their high level of technology “digital impressions” are used instead of the conventional methods. With their innovative technologies and methods, pain can be minimized during treatment or even eliminated thanks to anesthetics.

The practice Dr. Butz and Partner does their best to make your visit and treatment as pleasant, pain-free and free of anxiety as possible. Alongside a comprehensive diagnostics with the latest technology they give you detailed advice and put your individual treatment plan together with you, as pain-free as possible in a pleasant environment, for healthy teeth and completely satisfied patients. Certified by the German Society for Implantology, Dr. Butz and Partner in Munich stands for
long-term experience, materials „made in Germany“ as well as professional preparation, implementation and after-care.

The main focus of the practice Dr. Butz and Partner is a professional and patient-oriented treatment according to modern dental standards, to make you smile again. They provide the whole spectrum of modern dentistry and take care of your individual needs. They work with specialists only and the dental products are exclusively manufactured in Munich. Their emphasis is on aesthetic dentistry, implantology, endodontics and full ceramics, but of course, they offer many more services as well.

Aesthetic Dentistry
One of the main areas in the practice Dr. Butz and Partner Is the aesthetic dentistry as well as oral surgery. Wonderful teeth give you more self-confidence, therefore they do not only create a functional reconstruction, but also correct beauty flaws in the aesthetically relevant areas. They use photo and model analysis as part of their standard procedure and discuss cases internally with experts of the corresponding fields. The case studies are anonymized and comprehensively documented and their results are even used for dental training in the field of aesthetic dentistry.

The dentists at the practice Dr. But & Partner offer long-term experience in implantology. They also take continuous trainings to always know the latest state-of-the-art in implantology. They give detailed information and plan via 3D-diagnosis. With the modern digital volume tomography oral-surgical and implantological procedures can be planned and implemented quickly and precisely. Operations can be pre-planned virtually and any risks can be displayed graphically and discussed with the patient in detail. The professional preparation, implementation and aftercare make sure that the patient gets the best quality. They also look at your medical history, listen to you and give you advice, answering all your questions. For very complex cases even certified specialists are consulted.

Endodontics, or root canal treatment, is another important area of treatment in the practice Dr. Butz and Partner in order to preserve the teeth. They use only the latest state-of-the-art techniques and do their best to make the treatment pain-free and therefore anxiety-free. They offer the classic root treatment under the operation microscope, revision of suboptimal root fillings and surgical root amputation, among other things.

Dental Prostheses
Dr. Butz and Partner have a modern laboratory at their dental practice, working together with the master laboratory Cera-Technik, specialized in the digital manufacture of fully ceramic prostheses. They can offer all kinds of dental prostheses, from single-surfaced inlays to complex implants and of course only high-quality with the best materials, thus providing you the best individual dental prosthesis.

Laser surgery
Laser surgery is one of the latest developments in dentistry and has many possible treatment areas. As Dr. Butz and Partner are committed to creating an anxiety-free and comfortable atmosphere for their patients, laser surgery is an option, because it causes less pain than other conventional methods of treatment, e.g. pain-free drilling. Due to the immediate closing of blood vessels with laser surgery, there is less bleeding, even afterwards, and wounds heal faster. Bacteria are killed and inflamed tissue is removed gently during periodontal treatment and the gum can generate. Teeth that are sensitive to hot and cold can be desensitized etc.

– Overview of all services
– Aesthetic Dentistry
– Digital Dentistry
– Implantology
– Endodontics
– Prophylaxis
– Prophylaxis during Pregnancy
– Dental Prostheses
– Tooth Preservation
– TMJ Functional Diagnostics
– Periodontics
– Fear of the Dentist Anesthetic
– Laser Surgery
– Bleaching
– Veneers

Dr. Martin Butz
bb1Dr. Martin Butz leads the practice Dr. Butz & Partner in Munich’s Fünf Höfe since 2015. Already during his studies at the University of Regensburg he was outstanding. While he did his doctorate in dentistry, he founded the MedByMed GmbH, a medical community for trade in second-hand medical devices. The following years he deepened his knowledge while working for renowned dentists and laid the further foundation for his philosophy about modern dentistry and his excellence in the latest state-of-the-art technology.

Since 2010, he gives advanced training for colleagues and dental staff in Germany and abroad with live treatments including digital impression, full ceramic provision and computer-assisted dentistry and is accredited by the Bavarian State Chamber of Medicine. The very same year he founded and developed the master laboratory Cera-Technik, in which ceramic dental restorations are all-digitally manufactured.

– Specialization and Training
– DGI Curriculum in implantology
– Certified inlab trainer
– Training consultant for Cerec 3D
– DVT-expertise for 3D x-rays
– Numerous trainings in functional diagnosis and therapy
– Regular trainings in implantology, parodontal surgery, implant aesthetics
– Aesthetic front teeth restorations according to Klaiber/ Vanini

The Practice
Due to its central location, the practice Dr. Butz & Partner in the heart of Munich’s Fünf Höfe is easy to reach by car, by foot or by public transport. The team around Dr. Butz will make you feel well cared for in a comfortable ambiance that combines thelatest technology with natural materials, the perfect place for a patient’s needs. Their practice concept is clearly structured and centered on the patient’s individual needs and personal wishes, by offering prophylaxis, comprehensive diagnostics, planning and treatment and detailed advice and all this in a pleasant environment without pain for an anxiety-free atmosphere. The dentists and the staff are continuously trained and also give training courses to colleagues at home and abroad, accredited by the Bavarian State Chamber of Medicine.

They use the latest materials of the highest quality and from leading manufacturers in Germany, which are tested and approved in independent long-term studies. Therefore they give a five-year guarantee on restorations produced by their laboratories. Usually, it is only two years. Their processes and procedures are standardized and the equipment and hygiene standards are the latest state-of-the-art. Their hygiene process chain includes extensive regular training of their staff, comprehensive central water treatment and disinfection and validated instrument preparation according to the RKI-norm (Infection Protection Act).

As they use the most modern technologies they are almost entirely digitalized in every field. The digital technology is not only used during the treatment but also during planning and implementation.

More examples of the modern equipment:
– Low radiation, digital 3D x-ray
– Virtual preoperative implant planning
– Digital intraoral scanning instead of conventional dental impressions
– Computer-based implantology for minimally invasive operations
– Operating microscope for root canal treatments
– In-house master-laboratoryCooperation with the master-laboratory Cera-Technik, Germany’s leading provider of digitally manufactured dental prostheses

Master Laboratory Cera-Technik
Dental Prosthesis in 60 minutes

Specialized in the digital manufacture of full-ceramic prostheses, Cera-Technik is one of the largest specialists in Europe. Having helped to shape and develop the digital dental technology since its beginnings 25 years ago, leading companies from the dental industry and trade ask Cera-Technik for advice. CEREC inlays and ceramic inlays „made in Munich“ are produced according to the latest techniques. The high-quality inlays, crowns etc exceed the conventional technology when it comes to quality, costs and speed. Analogue impressions or the creation of a provisional dental prosthesis is not necessary anymore. Thanks to the fully digital process, Cera-Technik is able to offer a 60-minute service for inlays, partial crowns and crowns.

Theatinerstraße 15, 80333 München, Germany
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