Dermatology at the “Friedensengel” Munich

A leading provider of medical, cosmetic and surgical dermatology services at a state-of-the-art facility in Munich.

The practice Dermatology at the Friedensengel in Munich offers a wide range of services in the fields of Dermatology and Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery. Their specialties in the field of Aesthetic medicine and surgery are hair transplantations and very innovative laser therapies as well as the traditional anti-aging treatments and other dermatological programs. They are the only practice in Germany that offers the VASER liposuction with its skin shrinking and body contouring effect or VASER-Smooth for the long term treatment of cellulite. The innovative Femilift is a non-invasive vaginal lift with laser therapy. The Sinon Ruby Laser is the state-of-the-art method to treat aging spots or remove tattoos. Scars, stretch marks and other skin changes can be ablated with the Fraxel laser which also improves the skin tone and texture. Customized care programs with products from ZO Skinhealth and combined treatments are other high-quality offers. Another specialty is the aesthetic facial reconstruction after skin cancer. With the most modern equipment and methods and having years of experience, they can provide the best possible treatments for their patients. They have an own dermatosurgery and all their surgeries are on an outpatient basis. A natural, fresh look is the goal of all of their treatment programs.

Aesthetic and Plastic Surgery
With their high frequency and laser devices and their state-of-the-art surgical and non-invasive methods, the practice Dermatology at the Friedensengel offers a wide range of services in the field of aesthetic and plastic surgery. The natural treatment procedures underline sufficiently the individual aesthetic of the patient. Thermage, thread lift, liquid lift, botox and several dermatological programs are an alternative to invasive aesthetical treatments. The gentle S-lift and blepharoplasty are advanced treatments options when other anti-aging treatments are no longer sufficient. Other specialties in the field of aesthetic medicine and surgery are hair transplantation and non-invasive vaginal lift with Femilift, an innovative method with laser therapy. For big goals, there are combined treatments available and they also offer help with correcting faulty treatments or surgery.

VASER Liposuction
Dermatology at the Friedensengel is the only practice in Germany that offers the innovative VASER Liposuction. This ultrasound liposuction is much gentler than the traditional liposuction treatment and approved for decades. The circular liposuction is also called bodycontouring. Due to its skin shrinking effect, VASER liposuction can be used on regions with slack skin and with VASER-HIGH-DEF procedures, muscle groups can be defined. This way you can get the long wanted six pack abs. The VASER method can be used on the upper arms, upper thighs or the mid-body, against pregnancy tummies, slack chin, double chin and hanging upper arms. The VASER liposuction helps to get harmonic and aesthetic proportions.

Vaser-Smooth is the first method that effectively reduces real cellulite. Due to years of research and experience in the USA, this method can be used for the long-term treatment of cellulite.

Pixl CO2 Laser or Fraxel Laser
The Pixl CO2 Laser is an ablative laser that removes the upper tissue surface in thin layers. Possible treatments are the removal of skin changes, such as skin or aging spots, moles and warts. It also improves the tone and texture of the skin and helps with scars and stretch marks. The regeneration of collagen is stimulated effectively and the scar tissue is rebuilt. New skin is created. The treatment with the Pixl CO2 Laser is very effective with excellent results.

Sinon Ruby Laser
The most innovative method for the treatment of aging spots is the Sinon Ruby Laser. It passes through the surrounding tissue and takes effect only in the pigment. The Q-Switch Sinon Ruby Laser is ideal for the removal of tattoos of all kind, even for difficult colors as red and yellow.

Dye Laser
Fresh and still reddish scars are best removed with the dye laser early on. The early therapy reduces the redness and has a positive effect on the scar healing.

Alma Harmony Laser
Spider Veins and Couperose can be treated with the Harmony Laser by Alma. The overlying skin is spared while the heat of the laser seals the blood vessels. The walls of the spider veins are heated and thus damaged and decomposed.

Available Services:
Hyaluron, Botox, filler & co.
Hair transplantation
Cellulite / cellulite treatment
Fraxel Laser, Thermage, peelings
Eye bags & drooping eyelids
Age spots, hyper-pigmentation, male
Remove scars
Liposuction / Lipodissolve injection
Intimate surgery by women for women
Spider veins / small blood vessels
Thread lifting & vampire lifting
Tattoo removal
Correcting faulty treatment / OPs
Combined treatment for big goals

The practice Dermatology at the Friedensengel offers the most modern therapeutic methods for problems and diseases of the skin. The large range of services includes screening with state-of-the-art digital imaging, prevention and advice for treating Basal Cell Carcinoma (white skin cancer), Malignant Melanoma (black skin cancer) and Actinic Keratosis (a precursor to skin cancer). They are specialized in the field of aesthetic facial reconstruction after skin cancer of the face, with years of experience.

Other treatments are the removal of moles, peeling and laser therapy of acne and acne scars, hair loss and couperose & rocacea, which manifests in a redness in the face. Excessive sweating can be treated with botulinum toxin and they correct torn earlobes.

Available Services:
Skin cancer screening / prevention
Basal Cell Carcinoma
Malignant Melanoma
Actinic Keratosis
Couperose & rosacea
Hair loss
Mole and Mole
Acne & acne scars
Aesthetic facial reconstruction
Excessive sweating
Earlobe correction

Dr. med. Melanie Neumann
Dr. med. Melanie Neumann is a Specialist for Aesthetic Dermatosurgery. Her areas of practice are Dermatosurgery, Blepharoplasty, Classic Dermatology and Aesthetics. With her unique outpatient surgical technique, she is one of the highly specialized experts in Germany. Her main focus is the ambulant removal of skin tumors (benign and malignant) with excellent aesthetic results. In the field of aesthetics, her second focus is hair transplantation and with her specialized surgical training, she provides advanced treatment options, such as the gentle S-lift and blepharoplasty in cases, when anti-aging treatments, such as thread lift, liquid lift, Thermage and laser lift are no longer sufficient. She is certified to use botox and filler.

Dr. med. Melanie Neumann studied and graduated from the Johannes Gutenberg University in Mainz. For several years, she was an Assistant doctor in the cardiac, thoracic and vascular surgery and pharmacology before she completed her residency in the renowned Horn Heath clinic in the field of Dermatosurgery. She deepened her skills in the aesthetic field through years of experience and regular certified training across the full range of non-invasive aesthetic Dermatology and laser medicine. She is a speaker at many national and international congresses and worked in reputable dermatological practices in Munich and Tegernsee.

Dr. med. Miriam Rehbein
Dr. med. Miriam Rehbein is a Specialist for Aesthetic Medicine and Surgery and her areas of practice are Äesthetic Medicine, Well-Aging, Laser medicine, non-invasive lifts and intimate surgery. She is one of the most specialized experts in the field of Aesthetic Medicine in Germany. For years, she works as a speaker for renowned pharmaceutical producers and offers regular workshops and training for national and international colleagues. Thus, she is always up-to-date in scientific research and follows the highest quality standards.

Very early on she specialized in Aesthetic and Laser Medicine. She is a certified botox and hyaluronic acid user and offers natural treatment procedures. Thermage, thread lift, liquid lift, botox and miscellaneous dermatological programs are an alternative to surgical aesthetical treatments. Her patients’ natural look is of great importance to her. Her second focus is in the field of intimate surgery. She did her Master in this field and learned from the renowned specialist Dr. Baader from Athen. In combination with her knowledge in laser medicine, she offers the non-invasive vaginal lift with Femilift.

Unique in Munich are also her customized care programs with products from ZO Skinhealth, where she is an official member of the faculty. After an in-depth analysis of the skin, a long-term care plan is developed, if desired also in combination with medical cosmetic treatments.

She studied and graduated from the Heinrich-Heine-University in Düsseldorf. After several years as an Assistant doctor in the general, visceral- and accident surgery, she began her work in the field of dermatology. She spent time abroad in South Africa and the USA. Afterwards, she worked for several years in renowned dermatological practices in Munich, last as ward doctor at the Ludwig Maximilian University clinic.

The Practice:
Patients feel comfortable and best treated at the practice Dermatology at the Friedensengel in the heart of Munich with its luxurious ambiance and the light and friendly practice rooms. Due to their wide range of most modern methods, all treatments are on an outpatient basis. With digital imaging, high frequency and laser devices and an own dermato- surgery, the equipment is state-of-the-art.

The doctors have years of practical experience and professional specializations. The patients get detailed advice and a perfectly individually coordinated treatment with a lot of understanding for their questions and worries.

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